How To Combine Multiple PDF Files on a Laptop

PDF Files on a Laptop

It’s not always easy to combine PDF Files on a Laptop. The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the name given to a particular form of the digital document. In the case of PDF files, you may have observed that they retain their formatting even when accessed on multiple systems. One of the most used file formats for storing documents is PDF.

Merging PDF files is a common process that we’ve all done. You may combine files on your PC in a variety of methods. To combine PDF files, you will make use of a variety of applications and internet resources.

It’s simple to merge PDF files using these apps and resources. It’s easy to combine PDF files on a Mac using free PDF software that’s available on the Mac App Store.

Adobe Acrobat DC is an all-in-one PDF solution that can be used on a Windows laptop, as well as on any other device that has Adobe Acrobat installed.

You can effortlessly handle PDF files using the apps that are available. In this article, we’ll go through how to combine PDF files on a laptop.

1. How to Combine PDF Files on a Laptop Mac

First, we’ll show you how to combine PDF Files on a Laptop Mac using Apple’s native tools. The process of merging PDF files on a Mac laptop is simple. Preview is a free app that comes pre-installed on the Mac. You may quickly and effortlessly combine PDF files with the help of the program. 

Merging PDF files is as simple as dragging and dropping them onto one another. Keep all your PDFs in the same place so that you can quickly pick them.

Step 1: Open the folder containing all of the PDF files and copy them to a new place.

Note: Copying the files instead of transferring them ensures that the originals are safe and can accessed if needed.

Step 2: Open the preview app after selecting the first PDF file.

Go to View> Thumbnail if you want to see a thumbnail image

Step 3: After selecting one PDF file, you may then drag & drop other PDF files to merge them.

Other file types such as JPEG, PNG, or other files, can also used for merging.

Note: Please note that Word, HTML, and Excel files will not combined with the PDFs. As a result, you must first convert them to PDF for all these files. 

Step 4: Using the sidebar, you may organize the PDF files that will combined.

Step 5: Go to the files menu,merge the files and all of the PDFs, and select export as PDF. The combined PDF files can be saved wherever you choose.

If you have the MAC version of Adobe Acrobat DC, you may use the procedures in the next section to perform the same thing.

2. How to Combine PDF Files on a Laptop in Windows 10

You’ll need to install additional software to merge PDF files on a Windows laptop. It is possible to combine PDF files using a variety of online applications.

However, we’re utilizing Adobe Acrobat DC, which is a professional application for combining PDF files. This software is not free and requires a monthly membership of $24.99 USD or a yearly subscription of $14.99 USD.

This application has a wide range of capabilities that will make it easy for you to handle PDFs. It helps you to merge PDF files. 

Use free programmes and online solutions for combining PDF files that don’t need a monthly or yearly subscription fee. However, the free version does not include all of the features that you’d get with a paid subscription.

In this case, we’re utilizing Adobe Acrobat DC, one of the greatest PDF managers out there. You may use this application to edit, combine, convert, produce, and export PDF files.

Using Adobe Acrobat DC, do the following steps to combine PDF files:

1: Download and launch the Adobe Acrobat DC software

2: Select the create & edit menu item from the Tools menu

3: Click on the combine files option from the menu, and then click on Open

You’ll sent to the Workplace, where you may combine PDFs. You may add files, rearrange them in the desired sequence, and then combine them in this workspace. Other file kinds, such as word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and picture files, can combined into a single PDF document.

Step 4: It’s time to combine your files in the workspace. You may either drag and drop the files to merged, or you can click on the add files option to add new files

Note: If you’re using this tool, you may easily merge files from the clipboard, as well as the entire folder or website.

Step 5: After adding these files, you may reorder them by dragging and dropping them into place.

Step 6: To complete the file merger, click on the Combine button.

Note: The documents accessed selecting access to the document from the home and tools area after they have combined.

Step 7: Save the combined files by hitting Ctrl+S or by clicking on the save button after they have been verified.


Adobe Acrobat DC is one of the greatest tools to use if you want to combine PDFs. Other free PDF merging tools exist, but they do not have the premium capabilities you get with Acrobat Pro. It is necessary to combine PDF files on a frequent basis if you work with them. Adobe Acrobat DC may used on a Windows laptop to merge many files together quickly.