Affiliate Program: How To Setting up with WordPress


You need a website with an online store to sell your items, and a mechanism to track affiliate sales and commissions to launch an affiliate WordPress program.

It’s common for a third-party affiliate network to take a percentage of your sales earnings and give up some control over your program.

Simply running your affiliate program on WordPress will provide you with full control over your business and help you save money.

Your affiliate program may be up and running in a matter of minutes with the help of an easy-to-install plugin. Most of the work is taken care of by the plugin.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up a WordPress affiliate network. Let’s get started right away!

STEP 1: Choose a Host, Update Your Plugins, and Install the Latest Version

The quality of your hosting service is essential when it comes to optimizing your site. To be sure you’re dealing with the greatest service provider for your requirements, you’ll want to conduct some research. WPBeginner’s tutorial is a good place to start, and WP Tech Support is a terrific location to get help if you need it.

Before you do anything else, check to see that your website is up and running. All of your plugins should be up to date and running the newest version of WordPress.

Numerous factors necessitate regular software updates. To begin with, they make sure that your site is updated with the latest security updates to protect your users’ personal information. Additionally, they reduce the likelihood of compatibility difficulties between your plugins and WordPress.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Dashboard > Updates to see if there are any new versions available. This page will list any new versions of the platform or your plugins that have released.

Simply click on the update button to install the most recent version of the component. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure that your site is secured with an SSL certificate. This is a critical component of e-commerce sites security since it protects sensitive data from being intercepted and misused.

In most cases, your hosting company will be able to give you. Let’s Encrypt offers a free SSL certificate if you choose. The simple SSL plugin can lead you through a checklist and take care of the heavy lifting if you need help installing the certificate.

STEP 2: Make an Online Store WordPress

You may use a WordPress plugin to create an online store to sell your products if you haven’t done so already. E-commerce solutions that help you to reach out to your brand and generate leads. 

You can utilize WooCommerce to handle your online store if you only have digital things for sale. Install the plugin of your choice, set up your store, and your products. 

However, you want to think about adding other payment channels, improving your website design and branding, or advertising your online business. In other words, you will make this stage as easy or as complex as you choose to depending on your goals.

Step 3: Setup Your Affiliate Program In WordPress

Go to Easy Affiliate > Settings to get started with your affiliate program. in WordPress.

Here are a few of the most important settings. Check out the Knowledge Base > Getting started for more in-depth information on how to set up your email integration.

Basic Preferences

Set up your business information and Affiliate Pages on the General tab. Among these are the Affiliate signup, the Affiliate login, and the Affiliate dashboard sites.

Affiliate Settings

Here, you may select the kind of registration for your affiliates. In addition, you’ll customize the EA Fraud Prevention settings and create your Welcome page.

Commission Settings

You have the option to choose a percentage or a fixed commission rate under the Commissions settings. In this way, you may provide incentives to diverse partners in a way that works for them.

For example, Instagram micro-influencers can have a lower rate than large-scale publications.

Assemble Your Payment Methods

Payment integration is configured on the eCommerce tab. Affiliates may use Easy Affiliates to connect with WooCommerce, PayPal, MemberPress, and Easy Digital Downloads.

Conclusion Of WordPress

If you’re looking for a website platform that can grow with your business, WordPress is an excellent choice. You can operate a full e-commerce site on it, and you can even run your affiliate marketing network on it using Easy Affiliate.

To get your WordPress affiliate program up and going, follow these five simple steps:

  • Install the most recent WordPress version and all of your plugins
  • Create a website for your internet business and have it ready for visitors
  • Easy Affiliate may now installed and activated
  • Your affiliate program’s settings should set up
  • Provide your affiliates with links and banners to use