7 Best Ways To Find High-Quality Guest Blogging Opportunities In 2022

Guest Blogging

What does it mean to guest blog? It is a type of blogging in which you engage a notable figure from your business to write a blog for your website. People participate in guest blogging for different reasons, the most common is to increase brand exposure and get leads. Guest posts with high quality can do a lot more for your website than increase traffic.

Assuming that 77 percent of internet users read blogs, it makes sense for a firm to spend time and effort to create and maintain one, as well as optimize all entries for SEO. According to Social Media, a company’s website visitors increase by 55 percent when it starts and maintains a blog. All of these numbers point to one conclusion: guest blogging can help you attract unique visitors to your site, which you can then convert.

However, you will need to do some experiments and research before you start guest posting. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you might find guest writing opportunities on the internet.

How to Get Guest Blogging Opportunities in 7 Easy Steps

Before you start guest blogging, you need to do some research and collaborate, but it will pay off in the long run. You may easily find guest blogging opportunities all across the world by employing the methods discovered below.

Using Search Engines to Look for Opportunities

Frequently, websites will accept guest contributions from well-known persons, and when they do, they will usually announce it by creating a dedicated page on their website. This means you can browse in Google search to find these web pages. When you use phrases like “submit a blog article,” or “become a contributor,” you can find more opportunities to contribute.

Recruiting Bloggers as Visitors

This is not easier as you think, because according to Orbit Media, nearly 50 % of all internet bloggers publish weekly, or at least a few times per month. When you look for websites that allow guest posts, you’ll find authors that contribute frequently. Then you may start looking for websites where these authors have written and add them to your list to find guest blogging opportunities.

According to GrowthBadger’s research, bloggers who gain more money from their blogs put a lot of priority on SEO. Backlinks play an important role in search engine results, so analyze your competitors’ backlinks to see if they’ve accepted guest articles from them. As a result, there’s a good chance they’ll accept your posts as well.

Social media searches To Guest Blogging

Using social media to find guest writing opportunities is akin to using a web browser. Keywords like “guest posts” or “guest posters in AYY industry” can bring up results that will help you find the opportunity that you’re looking for. You might even run across other frequent guest posters along the way to see what they’ve been up to and to research their target websites.

Websites to Target

Particular websites on the internet compile a list of all the resources that are actively looking for guest posters. You may find these websites and download the lists by doing a simple search in your web browser (sign-ups may be required in certain situations, but that’s fine). It’s critical, though, to double-check that these lists are correct and currently active. Choose a few target websites at random from the list and analyze them.

There is a myth regarding paying for a backlink; Google does punish websites for buying backlinks, but only in circumstances where the content is of poor quality, bulk purchases are made, or abuse is involved. If you offer to pay for a guest post on a good website that exclusively publishes better information, Google will consider it favorably, and you will ignore penalties while getting a guest post. However, it needs payment.

Participating in Online Groups

So far, the smart strategy to create a network that will lead to guest posting possibilities has been to spoof a physical-social setting online. Join online forums or communities, such as Reddit, to make some good online contacts who can assist you to get your guest post. You might be able to share the post directly on the community page, where others can see it and comment on it.

Conclusion Of Guest Blogging

Guest posting is an excellent opportunity to take control of your SEO. It assists you in making sure that your brand is exactly what you want it to be and that it is presented on the pages where you want it to be seen. Use the tips above to find unique guest writing opportunities that can help you succeed.